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Exam Gloves
Not all medical exam gloves are alike. That’s why our house brand is Curad. The medical glove designed to fit comfortably with a fully textured palm and finger surface that provides a non-slip grip. Natural, even color throughout each exam glove allows for a clean surface consistent with the highest quality standards. Each dispenser box is flat stacked to reducing waste and save time. Our gloves are offered in latex and synthetic styles. Look for the Curad label, where quality speaks for itself.

Wound Care Products
Advanced wound care management today is a sophisticated science that every office & hospital must practice. Check out our wide selection of highly absorbent non-woven and gauze sponges, pads, and basic gauze rolls, a staple in any medical supply kit. Each wound care product is individually wrapped to keep sterile and come in easy to open pouch packs in many sizes, shapes and styles.

Surgical Masks
When it comes to surgical and patient care masks in numerous designs, 3M leads the way to superior protection. 3M offers the most popular flat surgical face masks that's preferred by physicians for comfort and breathe ability. This fluid resistant, tie-on surgical mask with horizontal ties is ideal for surgical and general-purpose use. From the economical, a standard tie-on mask to 3M surgical masks that meet ASTM highest level of fluid resistance, we have a mask that fits you're every need.

Paper Products
Looking for towels, medical pads, drapes or examination gowns, we've got you covered. Purity offers a complete line and paper pharmaceutical products from Tidi Brand, the leader of single-use medical and dental products. Choose Tidi Brand when absorbency and strength are necessary to provide protection for equipment, as well as coverage for patient comfort.
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